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27.10.12: Card Raid [done]

27.10.12: Card Raid [done]

Postby Pyuma » Friday 26. October 2012, 09:12

Monsters have invaded the treasure chamber of the Royal Family!

Many monster cards are stolen. The Royal Army needs your help to find the culprits!
Tomorrow (27.10.12) around 15 : 00 h / 03 : 00 PM (CET/MEZ) a broadcast will tell you where you have to search. Don't hesitate and fight against the monsters - some of them will drop cards of the treasure chamber. And you're allowed to keep them!

The monster are looters and I'll feeding cards to them so that you're able to find them. Even though I won't stop feeding them immediately after the broadcast, after some time I'll be out of cards, so you better hurry. They won't last long.

Over 50 different cards will be fed, of course I have many of them more than once. And yes, even some with a value above 10m.

Good luck everyone!
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